Capital Topographies
3 May 2017

Capital Topographies is a collaboration with fellow artist Elva Mulchrone, which arose from a shared passionate commitment to harness the potential of data and abstract it into a visual form. After detailed analysis of data from the World Incomes Database and the Paris School of Economics, and an examination of its potentialities through paint, print and sculpture, our collaborative work arose from a realisation that the true inherent complexities of the patterns could be abstracted in a more immersive and aesthetic way through animated simulations, performance and film. These images are 3D visualisations of the percentiles of income share across global economies. 

All Percentiles (video still), Animation, Dimensions variable

All Percentiles (video still), Animation, Dimensions variable

High Percentiles (video still), Animation, Dimensions variable

Mid Percentiles (video still), Animation, Dimensions variable

Low Percentiles (video still),  Animation,  Dimensions variable